5 points to consider when looking for the right flooring company


There are more and more companies offering vinyl flooring. What are the differences between each of them and how do you decide who to engage?

1.Pros and Cons

First and foremost, you must know the pros and cons of each type of flooring material before deciding what type of flooring fits your lifestyle most. Talk to the sales representative about your expectation, building a good rapport is very important. 

After all researches and talking to different flooring companies, you’re still confused with the vinyl available in the market? What else should you look out for?

2.Certificates and Test Reports

You should make sure the product you are getting is safe and deliver what it claims. Ask for all certifications and test reports. Be certain that you are getting what was said to be. You want to give your loved ones a safe environment to live in.

3.Value vs Quality

Vinyl price can start from as low as $1.90 per square feet. This price is the most likely supply of material only. Are you getting what you see/hear – price vs design vs quality vs durability? Invest some time, make an effort to visit the showroom, look at the actual product, feel the quality, if it meets your expectation, you’ve probably found THE one.

4.Knowledge & Experience

Budget is important. But more importantly, is the person who is going to give you advise, explain the product and spend the next few days or months with you till your flooring job is complete.

This floor representative should be equipped with good knowledge of the different types of flooring materials, a sound technical skill on how and what to do to achieve your ideal theme and experienced enough to foresee and tackle the tricky situation.


Be it an established or newly set up company, there are customer orientated ones, there are sales figure orientated ones. 
Apart from the points we’ve highlighted, there is one last but not least factor you should consider, TESTIMONIAL.

Existing customers are the best person to tell you if this company is the one you should award the job to. Every customer’s expectation and the floor’s condition are different. There won’t be 100% positive reviews but do make an effort to read up some reviews of the company that you are considering. The salesperson will only paint you the beautiful picture but the reviews from the customers are always the truth that you need to know.

Looking for a suitable flooring company that suits your budget and preferences? Discuss your needs with our flooring team.

Post time: Apr-01-2023