Acrylic laminates Vs PVC laminates: All you need to know

What is acrylic laminate sheet?


Acrylic is a material made out of polymer fibre and is very similar to lacquer. A sturdy material for your living spaces, it provides a sleek, shiny appearance that lasts for years. The bright and attractive colour choices help enhance the appearance of your space. The lustrous wine red is the most popular choice in acrylic laminates. Using an acrylic laminate sheet to design your modular kitchen will create a stylish and sleek-looking space straight out of a home decor catalogue.

What is PVC laminate?


PVC laminates are multi-layered pre-processed materials that are made based on polyvinyl chloride. The process of making PVC laminates includes pressing paper together with plastic resins. PVC laminates are available in both, matte and glossy finishes. The PVC laminate is so versatile that it can easily be bent to form different designs without breaking. This property of PVC laminate is achieved due to its thin density.

Acrylic laminate advantages

Acrylic laminates are popularly used for their glossy sheen appearance that lasts for years. The maintenance is effortless and if you find a suitable material, then, acrylic laminates are very easily replaceable. You just need to be careful about finding the right hue.

Acrylic laminates are entirely resistant to moisture and UV light. These properties make the use of acrylic sheets for the kitchen ideal. Although acrylics quickly get scratches, dirt, and wear and tear that is pretty visible, acrylic laminate is easy to clean and maintain.

PVC laminate advantages

The PVC laminate is a versatile material available in numerous textures like metal, textured, glossy, ultra-glossy, and even matte. You can take your pick from the wide variety. PVC laminates are also famous for their versatility in patterns and colours.

PVC laminates are thin, flexible sheets that effortlessly bend to about 90 degrees around the edges. This easy bending property eliminates the need for edge bands. PVC laminates are an ideal match for compactly designed spaces. This material contains many other properties, including corrosion, termite, heat, and water-resistance. The multiple resistant properties of the PVC laminates are best suited for use on kitchen cabinets design and counters.

How to maintain laminates for longer life?

Although both, acrylic and PVC, laminates are designed to last, the continuous usage of the kitchen interiors, there are some measures you can take, to ensure the longer lives of your laminates.


• Always clean the acrylic laminate sheets with a soft, damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

• Remember to use specific acrylic-based cleaners; avoid abrasives like acetone.

• Clean the whole thing thoroughly, avoid leaving any soap build-ups.


• PVC laminates should always be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth and mild detergents.

• Acetone can be used to remove the stains on the PVC laminates.

• Keep the surface clean and dry, especially after cleaning.

Choosing a material that will last and enhance your space’s look is crucial. Acrylic and PVC laminates are two such materials that elevate every space and make them look elegant. We hope you make the best choice, depending on your needs and preferences.

Post time: May-15-2023