Parquet flooring: Types, pros and cons


Parquet flooring is available in different types and finishes. Read on to know more about parquet flooring, its advantages and disadvantages.


Parquet flooring: What is it?

Wood flooring, known as parquet, is made by placing tiny wooden slats in predetermined patterns. These unique and recurring patterns cover the whole flooring surface.

Parquet wood flooring was initially put in piece by piece. This procedure may now accommodate the tile shapes of the parquet. These tiles are constructed from hardwood slats that have been joined with a backing substance.

These tiles may be nailed, stapled, or glued to the subfloor to create parquet flooring. Parquet flooring provides the ideal appearance, texture, and durability of a conventional hardwood floor since these strips are constructed of hardwood.


Parquet flooring: Advantages 

The look of parquet flooring is distinctive

The appeal of parquet flooring is unquestionably its look. Although they are popular, traditional vertical or horizontal wood planks are only sometimes dull. Parquet flooring can be the ideal design for you if you enjoy standing out from the crowd.

You have a lot of choices

You can see that there are several possibilities available when purchasing parquet flooring. Do you want to buy premade tiles or assemble them in a pattern? Would you like tile, natural wood, fake wood, or something different? Which pattern would you choose—herringbone, chevron, basketweave, or another? Your possibilities for parquet are virtually endless.

Premade parquet tiles encourage you to do-it-yourself

One of the simplest types of flooring to install is premade parquet tiles. Naturally, how tough it is to install depends on the specific material you are utilising. Therefore, before deciding to DIY, you might want to study if you have questions like “what is subflooring” or “how to remove old floors.”


Parquet flooring: Disadvantages

Wood parquet flooring refinishing may be quite challenging

The plank orientation of wood parquet flooring may be the most difficult form to restore.

The notion here is that you might need help to refinish each piece in the same way (particularly if you are blending different wood flooring kinds), which only applies to solid and engineered wood floors. As a result, the task is far more time and labour-intensive than refinishing conventional hardwood.

Flooring made of solid wood is expensive and hard to find

Real hardwood parquet flooring will cost a lot of money. Purchasing parquet flooring can easily cost tens or even hundreds of thousands.

Additionally, installing it also costs a lot of money. Parquet flooring designs also require time and money to install. Additionally, a highly qualified specialist is needed for the installation. Even if doing it yourself might save you money, the intricacy of installation can put off the ordinary DIYer.

It may not be ideal for really active homes because it is a more expensive investment

If you have a bustling household and are considering parquet flooring as an investment, consider exploring elsewhere. Parquet installation is expensive, so if your children or pets destroy it, it might depreciate the value of your home when you sell it.

Post time: Sep-05-2023