WANXIANGTONG Flooring Designs & Ideas for your Home.


Things to consider when deciding on flooring or tiles option


If you’re picking out floorings for your house, you might want to use anti-slip ones. Nobody wants accidents to happen around them, and choosing anti-skid tiles is the greatest way to guarantee total safety. Make sure your tiles are anti-viral as well, given the growing need for good cleanliness.


When visiting tile shops, it is crucial to take into account the tiles’ resistance to bending and breaking. Before choosing, it is important to consider the durability of the tiles. Ahead of time, it is also necessary to inquire about the tiles’ resistance to cleaning solutions. After using sanitiser to clean the floor, you don’t want the designs and patterns to disappear.


It’s crucial to consider how the floorings will look with the home’s furniture when selecting them for a certain area. Flooring stores offer a choice of patterns and designs that will complement your taste and enable you to customise the appearance of your home.

Low maintenance 

Spillage frequently occurs in homes. Tiles that are easy to clean and resistant to stains are crucial. The tiles must be chosen to require less upkeep and provide the best appearance for a long time.


Last but not least, remember to keep within the allocated spending limit. It is best to let the tile retailers know about your spending limitations before exploring any possibilities. This will keep you from being perplexed and clarify which products best suit your interests and price range.


WANXIANGTONG flooring : Wooden floors

Wooden flooring designs have consistently been in style and are a popular choice. Many people who desire to escape modern living and enjoy the rustic appearance of wood in their houses can consider this flooring option. This flooring style receives a finish that makes it easy to clean and stain-resistant.


WANXIANGTONG flooring: Click-N-Lock tiles 

WANXIANGTONG Flooring’s Click-N-Lock tiles are made of a Stone Polymer Composite and feature Wel-Lock technology, which enables the tiles to lock together on your flooring in less than a day without creating any mess or needing to use grout. Additionally, Flooring doesn’t just concentrate on technology; it also makes sure to provide you with a wide range of designs so you can pick without sacrificing your flooring preferences.


WANXIANGTONG flooring: Marble floors 

Marble has a timeless appeal and refinement that makes it a popular choice wherever it is utilised. Homeowners, architects, and interior designers all adore marble flooring designs. Marble has an opulent sheen since it is pearly and brilliant by nature. WANXIANGTONG marble is a popular choice since it adds refinement, pure elegance, and liveliness to the environment.


WANXIANGTONG flooring: Carpet tiles 

Carpet tiles add style and utility to the home. Although easier to maintain than carpets, these flooring design tiles mimic the look and feel of carpets. Many homeowners are moving to carpet tiles because they are stain-resistant and simple to install and because they give their home a sleek, more contemporary furnished look. This flooring style, which features a sprinkling of patterns, colours, and designs, uplifts the spirit and mood.


WANXIANGTONG flooring: Laminated floors 

Given that it can imitate materials like stone, tiles, or timber flooring designs, laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular. This type of flooring design is durable, effective at recreating the appearance and texture of these materials, and includes a variety of finishes. Its design is also heavily influenced by contemporary technological advancement. This flooring design is made of synthetic materials, making it economical, long-lasting, and simple to maintain.

Post time: May-15-2023