What Do You Know About Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floor is generally composed of four layers of material composite, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, balance (moisture-proof) layer. Laminate floor is also known as impregnated paper laminated wood floor, laminate floor, qualified laminate floor is a layer or multiple layers of special impregnated thermal setting amino resin. Impregnated paper laminated wood floor is a layer or multiple layers of special paper impregnated with amino resin, paved on the surface of particleboard, high density fiberboard and other wood-based board substrate, with a balanced moisture-proof layer on the back, wear-resistant layer and decorative layer on the front, after hot pressing, forming floor.


Tag Sort of Floor:
Firstly, there are thin and thick (8 mm and 12 mm or so) from the thickness.
From the point of view of environmental protection, thin is better than thick. Because thin, unit area with less glue. Thick, not as dense as thin, impact resistance is almost, but the foot feels a little better. In fact, there is little difference. In fact, the two kinds of floor thickness quality is no difference, the key is to see personal choice.

Secondly, from the specification, there are standard, wide plate and narrow plate.
Standard, the width is generally 191-195 mm. The length is about 1200 and 1300. Wide plate, the length is more than 1200 mm, the width is about 295 mm. The length of the narrow plate is 900-1000 mm, and the width is basically about 100 mm. Similar specifications of solid wood flooring, most called imitation solid wood flooring.
The standard specification is adopted by most members of the European Flooring Producers Association. That's still the case. The laminate floor processing assembly line, which imports the most advanced in the world, also uses standard specifications. That is to say, the vast majority of the products of large laminate flooring manufacturers, which are processed by imported assembly lines, are still standard specifications. There are many dealers in the market, advertise their products are imported, often say a word: "imported there is no wide plate specification and thickness of 12 mm or so size." Should be the vast majority of imported flooring, no wide plate specifications and thickened dimensions.
The wide plate specifications are invented by Chinese laminate floor processing enterprises in order to meet the consumer demand. Its advantages look generous, the floor gap is relatively few. Most are thickened, that is, about 12 mm. General surface decoration paper are domestic, color change, more flexible. The disadvantage is that the color difference is relatively large, and the anti-ultraviolet ability of decorative paper is almost.

Thirdly, from the surface coating of aluminum oxide, melamine, piano paint.
Standard laminate flooring surfaces should be made with aluminum oxide. It comes in 46g, 38g, 33g and, lower still, aluminium oxide sprayed directly on decorative paper. National regulations, indoor laminate floor surface wear-resistant revolution should be more than 6000 revolutions, as long as the use of 46 grams of wear-resistant paper floor, to ensure that the requirements. 38g wear-resistant paper can reach 4000-5000 RPM, 33g even lower. Direct spraying aluminum oxide, can reach 2000-3000 turns is very good. Low wear-resistant revolution, relatively low material cost; Because of its low wear-resisting degree, the tool cost during processing is also low. On the contrary, wear-resistant revolution is high, its cost is much higher.
Melamine surface coating, generally used for wall board, tabletop board, etc., used in the degree of wear resistance is not high. This type of surface coating is called "false flooring" in the flooring industry. Its wear resistance is only 300-500 RPM, if the use of strength, the surface of the decorative paper will be worn after two or three months. Standard laminate flooring can be used normally for 10 years without such problems. There is no wear-resistant layer on this kind of floor decoration paper, the pattern is beautiful and clear, and the hand is relatively smooth, which is easy to be fooled by the layman.
The piano paint is actually the paint that will be used for hardwood flooring, for laminate flooring. It's just a brighter paint. The wear resistance of this coating is far less than that of aluminum oxide surface. Its wear-resistant degree is low, solid wood floors are in the direction of high wear-resistant development. Unless you really like the coating on this surface.

Fourthly, from the characteristics of the floor is divided into crystal surface, relief surface, locking, silent, waterproof and so on.
Crystal planes are basically flat. Easy to take care of, easy to clean up.
From the front, there is no difference between the relief surface and the crystal surface. From the side, when you feel it by hand, there are wood grain patterns on the surface.
Locking, the seam of the floor, the form of locking, that is, control the vertical displacement of the floor, and control the horizontal displacement of the floor; The original mortise and groove type, that is, the tongue and groove floor, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor. As early as the wood floor block, there is no tenon at the joint, which aspect of the displacement can not be controlled, so the floor plate often warps, walking stumbling, more inconvenient.
Silent, that is, on the back of the floor with a cork cushion or other cork - like cushion. After using cork floor mat, the noise of stepping on the floor can be reduced by more than 20 decibels (quoted from the data of cork floor mat factory), which can increase the feeling of feet, sound absorption and sound insulation. This plays a positive role in improving the comfort of laminate flooring. It is also a direction of the future development of laminate flooring.
Waterproof, in the groove of the laminate floor, coated with waterproof resin or other waterproof materials, so that the moisture outside the floor is not easy to invade, the internal formaldehyde is not easy to release, so that the environmental protection of the floor, the service life has been significantly improved; Especially in the large area of laying, inconvenient to leave expansion joints, pressure bar conditions, can prevent the floor arch, reduce the floor joint.
To sum up, embossed, really nice; If the same number of grams of wear-resistant paper, crystal than relief wear-resistant degree is relatively high; Silent foot feeling is really good, is expensive point; Waterproof, cost performance is very good, know its role, not many people.

Post time: Mar-07-2023