What is The Most Important When Buying Laminate Flooring?


Laminate Floor is a kind of composite wood floor. Laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, and balance layer. The wear-resistant paper is transparent, and it is the top layer of the laminate floor. A good product has high transparency and good wear resistance. The wear resistance index is at least 6000 revolutions. The decorative paper is under the wear-resistant paper. The pattern of the laminate floor we usually see is the pattern of the decorative paper. The high-quality decorative paper has clear texture, good color fastness, and anti-ultraviolet function. It will not change or fade under long-term sunlight. The moisture-proof paper is on the back of the substrate. As the name suggests, the moisture-proof paper plays a role of moisture-proof and prevents the substrate from deforming after being corroded by moisture.

1. Thickness

Generally, 8mm and 12mm are more common. In terms of environmental protection, thinner is better than thicker. Because it is thin, theoretically less glue is used per unit area. The thick one is not as dense as the thin one, and the impact resistance is almost the same, but the foot feels slightly better. In fact, there is not much difference. Basically, foreign countries use 6mm Wearable Spc Flooring, and the domestic market mainly pushes 12mm.

2. Specifications

There are standard boards, wide boards, narrow boards, etc., which are not as different in cost as solid wood flooring. Both the wide board and the narrow board are invented by the Chinese themselves, and they are basically 12mm thick. Because the wide board looks at the atmosphere, the narrow board looks similar to the solid wood floor. The reason is that everyone understands that the guests are here. It also has more face, right?


3. Features

From the characteristics of the floor, there are crystal surface, embossed surface, lock, silent, waterproof and so on. The embossed one is really good-looking; if the same gram of wear-resistant paper is used, the crystal one has a higher degree of wear resistance than the embossed one; the silent foot feels really good, which is more expensive.

4. Environmental protection

The third layer of the laminate floor is the base material layer, which is a high-density board. It is made after the logs are crushed, filled with glue, preservatives, and additives, and processed by a hot press at high temperature and high pressure, so there is a problem of formaldehyde.

When choosing laminate flooring, the wear resistance index, specifications, characteristics, etc. will not affect too much, mainly depends on environmental protection, which is the most important. Environmental protection is not environmental protection, we just look at the environmental protection level, generally E1 level is good, of course it is better to reach E0 level. It is mainly the third substrate layer that determines the environmental performance. Of course, there are also brands that just claim to be up to standard. Laminate flooring still tries to choose products with high brand awareness.

Laminate flooring can be used for floor heating, don’t buy too cheap, choose a well-known environmental protection index high, you don’t need to talk about formaldehyde discoloration.

Finally, there is the problem of installation. Floor installation has always been the key to affecting the overall quality of the floor. Laminate floor installation must be leveled, personally suggest to use cement leveling as much as possible. Foreshadowing treasure is not recommended. On the one hand, if the environmental protection is not up to standard, it is a new source of pollution, on the other hand, it may cause subsidence after a long time. Some owners use the method of keel + fir board as the primer and then pave the composite floor. It is not environmentally friendly, and it is also very expensive. It is better to use Solid Wood Flooring to spend the money.

Post time: May-20-2023