Why Floor Skirting is Important For Your Home?


Why is Floor Skirting Necessary For Your Home?

As compared to the conventional glue-down method, modern vinyl flooring is designed to ‘float’ freely as a whole. As such, tiny gaps are often found at the perimeters of the flooring space to give it room to do so.

The natural movements of vinyl planks are so tiny that you hardly feel them beneath your feet! Nevertheless, it is crucial not to restrict their natural movements so they don’t end up buckling over time.

That being said, flooring gaps are often unsightly if left uncovered. This is where floor skirting or wall skirting comes into play. With both functional and aesthetic purposes to complement your flooring, here are four benefits of floor skirting for your home’s vinyl flooring.

1. Protects The Wall

Have you ever seen markings on the walls that were left behind by very old furniture? Observe the marked areas and you may notice that in those particular areas, there was no floor skirting installed at all. Floor skirting provides a functional gap between the furniture, flooring and the wall. This is important for the long-term protection of your house walls.

2. Covers Gaps Between Flooring & Wall

Sometimes, it may seem like your home’s flooring has not been installed well, as there are visible gaps between the flooring and the wall. Before you call up your contractor to fault them, know that the gaps were intentionally created to accommodate the expansion or contraction of the flooring.

Floor skirting helps to cover up these tiny gaps for a seamless flooring surface and prevents water from seeping in as well. Made from fully waterproof vinyl material, floor skirting ensures that the foundation of your floors and walls are not affected by the negative impacts of humidity in Singapore. Its vinyl material makes it resistant to termites as well.

3. Beautifies A Home


Floor skirting can make a lot of difference to a blank piece of wall and brighten up a barren house. Done tastefully, it can even be considered as a design highlight of a house’s interior. With PVC, laminated uPVC and vinyl floor skirting products that come in a wide range of colors and designs, one can certainly mix and match the design of their floor skirting with their home’s trendy flooring design. With different types of materials available as well, the sky’s the limit.

4.Barrier Between Wet Mops & Wall

Constant contact with a wet mop may ultimately damage your walls with ugly wet patches! When moping the floor, a floor skirting acts as a useful barrier between your wet mop and the wall, preventing those ugly wet patches. The Floor Gallery’s highly moisture-proof and durable Eco Resilient Vinyl Floor Skirting  gives walls an extra layer of protection.

Never underestimate the importance of what floor skirting can do for your home. With the right design and colour, this simple furnishing can add beauty to your house and protect those precious walls as well.

Post time: Apr-01-2023