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Environmental protection – Choose high quality manufacturer’s products, because there are careful selection of high quality raw materials, ensure the LVT floor safety, health, phthalate-free. Be responsible for the environment for everyone’s safety — for now and for future generations.

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What are the characteristics of the LVT floor?

Strong Wear resistant - The floor is very strong and has an indestructible wear resistant layer. This means the floor will last for years, even in intensive use.
Fashionable and beautiful - with natural products indistinguishable wood and stone varieties of the real look and feel, color and shape can do a variety of innovative design.
Fire prevention - The fire prevention index is B1. Flame retardant, no spontaneous combustion, leave the flame within 5 seconds automatically extinguished, will not produce asphyxiating toxic, harmful gas.
Waterproof -- LVT floors are waterproof. Not only does this help with cleaning, it also makes the floor suitable for all rooms - from the office to the living room, from the kitchen to the toilet and bathroom.
Quiet -- LVT flooring helps ensure good acoustics. This is the result of the elastic properties of PVC, which minimizes passenger traffic.
Recyclable - All our flooring is durable and fully recyclable. In addition, the production process of LVT flooring also takes environmental impact into account.
Scratch resistant -- LVT floors are scratch and stain resistant. There are no marks when something falls on the floor, which makes life easier.
Ultra-light and ultra-thin - easy to transport and install.

What is the LVT floor laying process?
1. Measure the room area
Before floor installation, it is necessary to accurately measure the paved area of the room, so as to know the material loss in the whole process of paving.
2. Basic treatment
Before the formal paving of the floor, the first step is to treat the base, mainly to repair the problem ground, form a new base, to avoid the floor arch caused by the original base drum and crack. After doing a good job at the base, it is necessary to level the ground. If the ground is uneven, it will not only lead to gaps in the skirting line, but also uneven the overall floor, and abnormal noise, but also seriously affect the quality of the floor.
3, The ground leveling
The level error of the ground should not be more than 2mm. If it is more than 2mm, it is necessary to find a way to level it. If the ground is uneven, it will not only lead to gaps in the skirting line, but also uneven the overall floor, and abnormal noise, but also seriously affect the quality of the floor.

Product Structure

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1.LVT Floor2370
Name Vinyl flooring (LVT flooring,click LVT flooring)
Color Based on 3C lap dip series number or as your samples
Board Thickness 2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm or customized
Wearing Layer Thickness 0.2/0.3/0.5/0.55/0.7 mm or customized
Surface Texture Deep Grain,Wood Grain,Marble Grain,Stone,Carpet
Surface Treatment UV-Coating
Installation Click system,Loose lay,Dray Back/Glue Down
Delivery Time 15-25 days
Size Inch or MM
914.4*152.4mm*2.0mm, 36pcs/ctn,120ctns/pallet,10pallets/20GP
914.4*152.4mm*2.5mm, 30pcs/ctn,120ctn/pallets,10pallets/20GP
914.4*152.4mm*3.0mm, 24pcs/ctn,120ctns/pallets,10pallets/20GP
Project Solution Capability: graphic design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories
Place of Origin Shandong China
Product Type Vinyl Flooring
Usages Indoor
Features Waterproof,Wear resistant,Anti-slip,Moisture Proof,Fireproof,durable, anti-scratch, anti-bacterial.
Market Export to American,Canadian,European Market,Part Asia,Africa Countries.Australia Market
Warranty 10 years for commercial and 25 years for residential
Material PVC, Recycle
Certificate CE, ASTM, Floor score, Green Guard, GB, ISO9001

Supply Ability:10000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day
Lead time:

Quantity (square meters) 1 - 1000 1001 - 2000 2001 - 5000 > 5000
Lead time (days) 10 20 30 To be negotiated

Packaging & delivery
Packaging Details:  Carton+Pallet
Port: Qingdao

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How is LVT Installed?

Glue Down application, also known as “dryback”

1.LVT Floor4010

Rigid Core Click application

1.LVT Floor4011

There are multiple luxury vinyl flooring constructions that have been engineered to answer the different needs in both commercial and residential spaces. Innovations in the LVT product category have made the installation process easier for home-owners and installers.
1.Glue Down: Also known as “dryback,” glue down is the most commonly used in commercial applications because of the heavy foot-traffic environments and heavy rolling loads. This installation method requires the use of an adhesive when installing. There have been many innovations with adhesives in the past 10 years beyond the traditional troweled-on application, including roll-on, peel, and stick, and spray adhesives.
2.Click: Unlike glue down, click does not require the use of adhesives, as the planks or tiles are installed by using the tongue and groove locking system on the edges of the product. This provides for a quicker and easier installation versus glue down/dry back. However, traditional click LVT has issues with sub-floor irregularities and dimensional stability, so it has mostly been replaced by the improved rigid-core click product category.
3.Rigid Core Click: This LVT has an installation process similar to the click LVT, but typically has a thicker and more rigid construction. The rigid core LVT construction provides better resistance to indentations, better dimensional stability, and added comfort-under-foot. There are 2 general rigid core categories: WPC (wood plastic core) and SPC (solid polymer core or stone plastic composite). WPC was the original rigid core construction introduced in the US market but experienced issues with product construction and dimensional stability. SPC flooring was introduced to fix the flaws that WPC flooring experienced, offering a more structurally stable and waterproof construction.
4.Loose Lay: This LVT version is a thicker product construction versus glue down (typically 5.0mm). Most manufacturers promote loose lay LVT in smaller spaces with no rolling loads since minimal adhesive is required around the perimeter. The manufacturers recommend an adhesive be applied to loose lay LVT in a medium-sized room (width of the room larger than 20 feet) on the perimeter of the room, or even a grid of adhesive every 8 feet. In applications with heavy foot traffic or rolling loads, manufacturers recommend doing a full spread of adhesive with loose lay which turns it into a glue-down installation. The benefits of loose lay are a quicker installation process, acoustical benefits, use on sub-floors with high moisture content, installation over existing floors, and more comfort-under-foot.

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Factory View

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Why Choose Us

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1.How do you guarantee the quality of your PVC vinyl flooring?
   Each step is strictly controlled by the QC team to make sure all our products turn out great.
   Our products have a limited warranty as long as 7~15 years.

2.How about the delivery time ?
   Lead time since receipt of 30% T/T deposit payment : 30 days . (Samples will be prepared within 5 days.)

3.Do you offer other products besides PVC vinyl flooring?
   Yes. Besides PVC vinyl flooring we also provide as T-molding, skirting , Click system vinyl flooring, WPC vinyl flooring AND so on interior decoration material.

4.Do you charge for the samples ?
   According to our company policy ,We provide free samples ,But the freight charges need customers pay.

5.Can you produce according to customers' design ?
   Sure,We are professional manufacturer ,OEM AND ODM are both welcome .

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